I swear, and I recommend and believe so much on PINTEREST.

I am talking from experience. Pinterest is huge platform especially for your blog or whatever business you run online. You can reach so many people out there that you even in your dreams didn’t think about.

Ok ok. You, of course, have so many traffic sources like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all kind of social platforms or you can try with organic traffic I wish you good luck. Yes, you can have high traffic with all of that, but Pinterest is the gold. It is the easiest way to reach the traffic number that you wish.
In this post, I will talk about Pinterest.

With Pinterest is the easiest way of getting traffic. But not too easy. I don’t mean by easy way that you just open an account on Pinterest an people will notice you. You must put little hard work in your account.
So let’s start with that Pinterest.

When you start your blog, you want people to notice your posts and blog of course. Because of that, I recommend next steps:


That you can do in few simple steps. You sign up with your email and your password, and you are ready. Give your Pinterest account the same name as your blogs name. For your business, you will want I recommend to have an account separate from your private account (if you have it on Pinterest) make a Pinterest account just for your blog. Like that you will get an overview on your account.


Again simple you go to the settings and switch to the business account. That will allow you to have overview on your traffic and how many people see your site and account.

Of course, you have the option to claim your website what is the must. Because with that you will get the link to your website in your Pinterest profile account and again you can see how many people go to your blog through Pinterest. And much more.


By that I mean you must upload a profile picture. If your blog or business have a Logo, you put for your profile picture your logo because it will represent you and your business. If you don’t have a logo, then you create a nice profile picture which match with your business. You just make it that will look great for your business.


Next, create boards. Boards are like albums where you will save your pictures organized by specific niche. I highly recommend that you made one board specially for your pins. Give it name by your business like for example my board is called BEST OF LIVE PRETTY LIFE, and there I store just my pins.

Whenever you publish some new post, you will save it to that board. Then you will create at least 10 more boards which will be related to your blog niche. For example, if you have blog about Food, you don’t want to have a board on your account called beautiful shoes. It doesn’t have sense. For something like that you make yourself a private profile and save whatever you want.

In that 10 board, you will save your pins from your blog, and you will save pins from other peoples. Pinterest like to share and so do you need to do Pinterest will see that you are active when you save other peoples pins. And of course, that people will probably notice you too. For start pin at least 10 pins in every board. Now you can start.


Because of them, I love Pinterest. When you set up your Pinterest account by these few steps, you are ready to join group boards. That means that if you have a small amount of following for example 100 people you will show your pins just them. And if you get to join in group board with 1000 followers, you have the possibility that 1000 other people see your pins. So more groups more traffic. Got it? Because of group boards, you don’t need so many followers to get high traffic.

You can find group boards on pingroupie. And there you will find a description how to join. Will you need to send them an email with your request or you just comment. Or you will see that a lot of groups don’t accept new contributors. You must read a description. But don’t worry there is a plenty group for you. You start to send that requestions and do that a lot. Don’t send one on the day.

Send 15 send 30 requests by day go crazy with that. Because from some groups, you will never hear feedback some will just not accept you and a little number will accept you to their group. Because of that, you must send a lot of requests. And don’t be fascinated by a large number of followers of specific group board.

That doesn’t mean that is a quality group. Maybe you will have more traffic and more repins from a smaller group than from group with a more significant number of followers. But you will see all that. After a while, you will see what work for you and your business. You must know that not all board are a quality board.

For the successful blog, you will must work on your blog and your Pinterest daily. Of course, you have tools for scheduling your pins if you don’t have so must time to spend on Pinterest. You can go with BOARDBOOSTER or TAILWIND they have both free trial. But for a start, I recommend manual pining. And then you will see.

So this is 5 steps how I use, and it works for me. For now.


I say that from experience. I open a new Pinterest account for my new blog LIVE PRETTY LIFE because this is my new business and my baby. I want to start from scratch. I began 8.jun. 2018 so you can go and see my progress. I probably write a post about my development in my first month for this blog.

But I own one more Pinterest account for my other business. And I can say that I get in just 3 months 500.000 monthly viewers on Pinterest. Of course thanks to Pinterest group boards. About that, I will write in another post which I will publish in next few days because it is about affiliate earnings.

So for me Pinterest it is the main traffic source for whatever do you do online. If you don’t have it go now and open your account and try you have nothing to lose. And if you will work smart and hard and do your research and then apply, you must win your game. Believe me.

I hope that I provide some helpful information in this post. Please let me know what do you think and what is your primary source of traffic. And if I can help you somehow let me know.


Wish you a great day and a lot of traffic.

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